Foinn Seisiún Online

2 March 2007, 9:03 PM GMT

Foinn Seisiún Online

– I’ve just posted all of the audio tracks from our popular Foinn Seisiún series of tunebooks/CDs, volumes 1 and 2. You might enjoy listening to these online — please leave some comments on your favourites! Of course, you’re welcome to purchase the books and CDs from our online shop - many teachers around the world have found these pre-made sets a great way to establish a common repertoire of common session tunes for their students.

The session sets grew out of our own Wednesday night sessions here at the Cultúrlann in Dublin — anyone in the area is more than welcome to stop by, starting around 9.15pm.

You can follow the links from individual tunes to the sets that they comprise by looking for the set name under “Keywords” on the right side of your screen.

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