The Rambles of Kitty

27 March 2007, 5:03 PM GMT

The Rambles of Kitty

I’ve just posted the tracks from “The Rambles of Kitty”. This 1967 LP was the first recording that Comhaltas made, and included performances from many of the popular names of the 50s and 60s: Joe Burke, Seán Keane, Séamus Connolly, Anne Mulqueen and others. It’s worth taking a listen; if nothing else, it’s great to get a sense of what made these artistes so great in their own time and hear how these popular tunes are played now, 40 years later.

After a bit of prompting, we remastered and re-released the album as a CD a few years ago. Like the other Comhaltas recordings, I’ve posted the tracks themselves online for listening, and you can also order the CD from our shop. Enjoy!

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