West London Branch Annual Report 2009/10

3 February 2011, 10:02 AM GMT

West London Branch Annual Report 2009/10

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann West London Branch Annual Report 2009/10

Seisiún The main event where members meet is at our seisiún, 8.30 - 11 p.m. on the second Friday of each month at the Irish Cultural Centre, Blacks Road, Hammersmith, London W6 9DT. Entry is free and members of the public are welcome. Our sessions have generally been well-attended by performers (musicians, singers, poets and story-tellers) and audience. Many are students of well-established teachers like Marian Gill and Sharon Kelly, who are both long-standing members of this Branch; and Brendan Mulkere and Colette Keaveney.

Thank you to our members who regularly support our sessions, including Máire Ní Ceallaigh and the Turner family, who run the raffle, which is a major source of branch income. Thank you also to the families from other Branches who have supported our seisiúin e.g. the McAuliffe and the Nevin families of East London. Throughout the year our Chairman, Aidan Burke, has anchored the seisiún and continued to pass on his expertise and encouragement. He and the rest of us have enjoyed supporting and playing at other branches too. Congratulations to members who supported Comhaltas by playing in the local, national and All Ireland fleadhanna. Among these were Michael Ardill, Aaron Gallagher and Liam Nolan (pictured L to R with Aidan Burke – see recent photos); and Etaoin Rowe pictured in Cavan – see recent photos.)

All Britain Fleadh in Scotland 2010

Position Category Name
1 st BOSCA CEOIL / BUTTON ACCORDIAN U/12 Aaron Gallagher
3rd FEADÓG MHÓR / FLUTE U/12 Aaron Gallagher
1st FEADÓG / WHISTLE U/12 Aaron Gallagher
1st Mouth Organ U/12 Aaron Gallagher
2nd Flute Slow Airs U12 Aaron Gallagher
2nd Whistle Slow Airs - fionn Mhalla Feadóg, Faoi 12 Aaron Gallagher
1st FEADÓG MHÓR / FLUTE 12-15 Hannah Irwin
1st Flute Slow Airs - Fionn Mhalla Feadóg Mhór, 12-15 Hannah Irwin
2nd FEADÓG MHÓR / FLUTE12-15 Etaoin Rowe
3rd FEADÓG / WHISTLE Etaoin Rowe
2nd Mouth Organ, 12-15 Etaoin Rowe
2nd Flute Slow Airs - Fionn Mhalla Feadóg Mhór, 12-15 Etaoin Rowe
1st Whistle Slow Airs - fionn Mhalla Feadóg, 12-15 Etaoin Rowe
1st Songs in English (Ladies)-Amhráin Bhearla (Mná) 12-15 Etaoin Rowe
1st Lilting - Portaireacht, 12-15 Etaoin Rowe
3rd Fiddle Slow Air - Foinn Mhalla Veidhlín, 12-15 Rose O’ Grady
1st Uilleann Pipes, 12-15 Saoirse Ní Machail
2nd Uilleann Pipes, 12-15 Esmé Prior
3rd Harp, 12-15 Ella Rose Bradley
1st Mouth Organ, 12-15 Edward Gaughan
1st Banjo U12 Liam Nolan
2nd Banjo, O18 Eddie McKeon
1st Mandolin U12 Michael Ardill
3rd Mandolin, 12-15 Gabriel McKeon
3rd Bodhrán, 15-18 Jack Boyle
2nd Céilí Band Drums - Drummaí Céilí, Faoi 12 Jack Garvin
2nd Duets - Ceol Beirte, Faoi 12 Aaron Gallagher & Michael Ardill
2nd Duets - Ceol Beirte, 12-15 Edward Gaughan & Rose O’Grady
1st Trio - Ceol Trír, 12-15 Gabriel McKeon, Rose O’Grady & Edward Gaughan
2nd Céilí Band - Buíon Cheoil Chéilí, Faoi 12 Tír na nÓg
1st Céilí Band - Buíon Cheoil Chéilí, 12-15 Tír na nÓg
3rd Céilí Band - Buíon Cheoil Chéilí, 15-18 Tír na nÓg

Marian Gill’s Port Mor Armagh exchange The 2010/11 year began with a bang as members of our branch welcomed visitors from the Port Mor branch in Armagh as part of an annual exchange, organised by Marian Gill. Marian and her students combined with Port Mor to put on a superb concert of music, song and dance in St Agnes church hall, Cricklewood on Saturday 23rd October. The event was well-supported, including by Mr & Mrs Michael and Christine Nevin. Michael is Chairman of the London and Southern Region of Comhaltas. Port Mor members have been so generous in the past looking after us in Ireland and Marian’s troupe certainly repaid the complement. Food and drink flowed in generous quantities. The icing on the cake was the launch of a double CD by Port Mor and West London, celebrating our links. It is aptly entitled “A few tunes amongst friends” and was made and produced locally – including the art work - by the members and friends of Port Mor and Marian’s group. They funded the project themselves and can be justly proud of their joint work. In the sleeve notes Vince Jordan, Chairman of Comhaltas in Britain, congratulates them all. The full production run of 500 CD s have gone. In November Marian said “Such an achievement & such a shock! It’s gone all over the world, from America to Australia & New Zealand & even Serbia. The best thing of all is the positive feedback we’ve had. Everyone has loved it & said how nice it is to hear some good, old-fashioned traditional music. It was even played on Shannonside radio last week. We’re putting West London on the map.” The email address for any queries is [email protected]

Sharon Kelly Sharon took some time off from teaching to have her second child, Luke. Congratulations to her and her husband, Michael. She is now back teaching the after school club on Tuesdays in St Joseph’s, Belmont, Harrow; and back to band practice Wednesday evenings in Kenton Methodist Church, Harrow. That’s enough for the time being!

Sharon’s students, Tír na nÓg Céilí Band pictured here, won the 12-15 title at the All Britain 2010: Erin Fowler, Annie Nestor, Orla Kevane, Edward Gaughan, Aaron Gallagher, Stephen Moran, Hannah Irwin, Mareesa Bradley, Gabriel McKeon, Soirse Ni Machill. Sharon plans to enter 2 ceili bands next year. As she says, “Hopefully they still know their tunes! yea right!! Will bring the boys with me.” Good luck to them.

Sharon’s students did so well in their summer exams: 28 distinctions, 21 Merits and 4 passes in a mixture of Premliminary, grade 2, 4,6 and 8 exams of The London College Of Music, Thames Valley University.

Report by: James McDonald, West London Secretary; and Thomas Beaumont, Regional Secretary.

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