Brian Boru’s March

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This March is from the Foinn Seisiún recordings.

26 February 2007
Brian Boru's March
Foinn Seisiún
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Phillip Denmead Accordion
Janine Redmond Accordion
Marion Moynagh Accordion
Colin Macgill Accordion
Joe Doyle Banjo
Paul Cooper Banjo
Kylie Moynagh Concertina
Peter Denmead Concertina
Gary Lynch Fiddle
Brian Prior Fiddle
Emma Woods Fiddle
Anne-Marie McGowan Fiddle
Joey Doyle Flute and Uilleann Pipes
Breandán Knowlton Flute
James Mahon Flute and Uilleann Pipes
John Deaton Flute
Christina Dolphin Flute
Lindsay Moynagh Harp
Miamh Denmead Harp

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