ComhaltasLive #202 - 5: Cultúrlann session

As well as being the administrative headquarters of Comhaltas, the Cultúrlann na hÉireann in Monkstown, Co. Dublin is a hive of music activity with scores of music classes for all age groups and regular sessions on four nights per week. Comhaltas Projects Officer and fiddle player Brian Prior began leading the Wednesday night sessions about three years ago. Brian has produced two books, Foinn Seisiún I and Foinn Seisiún II, each containing over 100 tunes arranged in selections of three tunes as played in the Monkstown sessions. Brian expects to have Book III launched later this year. Books 1 and 2, along with CDs of all selections are available from Comhaltas.

Here Brian introduces a selection of three polkas from the session which features over twenty musicians. The polkas are called “Little Diamond”, “The Murroe Polka” and “The Maids of Ardath” (Toormore No. 2).

29 March 2007
Little Diamond/Murroe Polka/Maids of Ardath
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Brian Prior Session Leader
Cultúrlann session members

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #202: Antón MacGabhann and friends

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