ComhaltasLive #210: More from America and Britain (Full programme)

This week we bring you more music from North America and England.

Time Segment
00:00 A fiddle solo by Brian Lindsay from New York. He plays two reels: “The Lads of Laois” and “The First Month of Summer” which was a great favourite of the fiddle maestro Andy McGann.
02:22 A selection of reels: “The View across the Valley” composed by John Brady and “Patrick’s Night”, composed by Paddy O’Brien, played on tin whistle by Catherine Joyce from Boston.
04:58 One of many large sessions at the North America Comhaltas Convention in Atlanta, Georgia in April 2007, with musicians from many parts of Canada and the US. They play the multipart jig “The Gold Ring” (the G version).
08:35 From the West London Comhaltas 50th Anniversary Concert in April 2007, a selection of reels by button accordionist Michael O’Connell: “The Pidgeon on the Gate” and “The Longford Collector”.
11:07 The reigning All-Ireland Senior Banjo champion Michael Gaughan plays a selection of jigs ending with “The Battering Ram”.
13:43 A slow air played on Uilleann Pipes by Tim Dowd at the West London Comhaltas 50th Anniversary Concert in Hammersmith. Tim’s pipes were made by Dave Williams from Grimsby who died in 2004. Tim is also a very competent payer on concert flute.
17:57 Fiddle player Séan O’Shea has been one of the outstanding musicians in the London Region over many decades. Séan plays a selection of reels, ending with “The Star of Munster”.
27 May, 2007
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Brian Lindsay Fiddle
Catherine Joyce Whistle
Atlanta session musicians
Michael O'Connell
Michael Gaughan Banjo
Tim Dowd Uilleann Pipes
Séan O'Shea Fiddle

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #210: More from America and Britain

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