ComhaltasLive #250: The 2008 Comhaltas North American Convention (Full Programme)

This week we bring you some music from the 2008 Comhaltas North American Convention

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00:00 The Hilton Hotel Parsippany was the venue for the Comhaltas North American Convention from 26th to 30th March 2008. There was a huge turnout of musicians, singers and dancers from all over North America as well as from Ireland, England and several other countries. Eugene Bender from New York was one of the hundreds of very talented young musicians who attended the 2008 Convention. Eugene played the reels: “Paddy Ryan’s dream” and an Ed Reavy composition: “Never was piping so gay” which is this week’s tutorial. Eugene learned much of his music from Brian Conway.
02:52 From the 2008 North American Comhaltas Convention, the talented young fiddle player Maeve Flanagan from Pearl River, New York, who is Brian Conway’s niece. She played the hornpipe “Fly by night” followed by one which she learned from fiddle player Patrick Mangan.
07:01 From the 2008 North American Comhaltas Convention, well-known box player John Whelan is accompanied by one of the greats, Felix Dolan (piano) for a set of jigs. They start with “Paddy’s Resource” and “The Killavil Jig”.
10:46 From the 2008 North American Comhaltas Convention in New Jersey, a set of reels played on five fiddles and harp. From left to right of picture the musicians are: Shane Cornyn (fiddle), New York, Alex Reidinger (harp), North Carolina, Kathleen Parks (fiddle), New York, Eugene Bender (fiddle), New York and Brian Lindsay (fiddle), New York. The reels are: “Tarbolton”, “The Longford Collector” and “The Sailor’s Bonnet”.
14:05 From the 2008 North American Comhaltas Convention, we bring you one of the many impromptu sessions. This session is led by box players Billy Mc Comiskey and Joe Madden and includes musicians from all over North America, Ireland and England. Accordionist Mary Molloy comes from the Isle of Man, which will be represented for the first time ever in the Senior Céilí Band competition at Fleadh Cheoil ha hÉireann 2008.

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11 April 2008
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Eugene Bender Fiddle
Maeve Flanagan Fiddle
John Whelan Button Accordion
Felix Dolan Piano
Shane Cornyn Fiddle
Alex Reidinger Harp
Kathleen Parks Fiddle
Brian Lindsay Fiddle
Billy Mc Comiskey Button Accordion
Joe Madden Button Accordion
Mary Molloy Button Accordion

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #250: The 2008 Comhaltas North American Convention

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