ComhaltasLive #288 (Full Programme)

This week ComhaltasLive features the playing of Irish traditional musicians Damien Mullane (button accordion), Eimear Buckley (concertina) with Pádraig King (button accordion), Sabina McCague (fiddle) with Daire McGeown (banjo) and Seána Agnew (flute), Darren McGee (fiddle), the great Bobby Gardiner (button accordion) and the Clare duet of Dymphna O’Sullivan (concertina) and Joan Hanrahan (fiddle).

Time Segment
00:00 A set of reels by button accordionist Damien Mullane, playing as a member of the Comhaltas Concert Tour of Britain in February 2006. The first reel was composed by Finbar O’Dwyer and the second by Billy McComiskey.
03:51 Eimear Buckley (concertina) and Pádraig King (button accordion) play a selection of slides from their native West Limerick.
06:18 Sabina McCague (fiddle) from Monaghan, Daire McGeown (banjo) from Armagh and Seána Agnew (flute) from Antrim play a set of reels: “Maud Miller” and “Christmas Eve”.
09:26 “Lad O’Byrne’s Hornpipe”, composed by Ed Reavy, is played on fiddle by Darren McGee from Co. Antrim.
11:10 Three reels played by the inimitable Bobby Gardiner (button accordion): “Sporting Nell”, “Devanney’s Goat” and “The Moving Cloud” (with a nice key change upon repeat).
15:23 Co. Clare musicians Dymphna O’Sullivan (concertina) and Joan Hanrahan (fiddle) play two jigs composed by Paddy O’Brien: “The Coming of Spring” and “The Fly in the Porter”.

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13 June, 2009
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Damien Mullane Button Accordion
Eimear Buckley Concertina
Pádraig King Button Accordion
Sabina McCague Fiddle
Daire McGeown Banjo
Seána Agnew Flute
Darren McGee Fiddle
Bobby Gardiner Button Accordion
Dymphna O'Sullivan Concertina
Joan Hanrahan Fiddle

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #288

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