ComhaltasLive #289-1: Jimmy Keane and Seán Cleland from Chicago

Chicago, USA musicians Jimmy Keane (piano accordion) and Seán Cleland (fiddle) play a selection of reels: “Johnny Doherty’s March”, “Mother’s Delight”, “The Mountain Road” and “Mc Fadden’s Handsome Daughter”. This recording was made at the North American Comhaltas Convention held in Parsippany, New Jersey in March 2008.

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14 June, 2009
Johnny Doherty's March/Mother's Delight/The Mountain Road/Mc Fadden's Handsome Daughter
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Jimmy Keane Piano Accordion
Seán Cleland Fiddle

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #289

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