ComhaltasLive #408 (Full Programme)

ComhaltasLive Programme #408.

Time Segment
00:00 A selection of reels “Bonnie Kate” and “Seán sa Cheo” played by members of the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club, Burr Ridge, IL, USA at the Comhaltas North America Convention 2013 in Washington.
03:12 At a special reception in the Irish Embassy, Washington, USA to honour the holding of the Comhaltas North America Convention 2013, musicians from Tulla, Co. Clare played this selection of reels - “The Boys of the Lough” and “Graf Spey”.
05:45 The Connemara Set danced by 8 members of the Shannon Dunne Dancers from Silveresprings, MD at the Comhaltas North America Convention in Washington, USA in April 2013. Music is by fiddle player Graham DeZarn and Keith Carr on Bouzouki. Dancers are Andrea Cossettini, Rebecca McGowan, Bridget, Molly Rehben, Rebecca Sumnurdur, Patricia Flannagan, Rob Byrnes and Ann Marie Breheny.
07:08 Two jigs - “Gallagher’s Frolics” and “Happy Days” played on fiddle by ten-year-old Haley Richardson from Pearl River, New York at the Comhaltas 2013 North America Convention in Washington. Guitar accompaniment is provided by Haley’s brother, Dylan Richardson.
09:11 Billy McComiskey on accordion and Andy O’Brien on guitar play two reels - “Johnny Allen’s” and “Sporting Nell” - at the North American Comhaltas Convention 2013 in Washington.
12:11 This session of music and set dancing captures the atmosphere of the many spontaneous and informal sessions at the Comhaltas North America Convention held in Washington on April 2013. The reels are “The Buck’s of Oranmore” and “Come West Along the Road” and the musicians include Margie Mulvihill, Ena O’ Brien, Oliver O’Connell and Tara Lynch.
15:21 As listeners wish her a happy birthday accordion player Ena O’Brien plays two reels - “I’m Waiting for You” and “The Bag of Spuds” - at the Comhaltas North America Convention in Washington.

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12 May 2013
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Performers/Subjects Instruments
The Murphy Roche Irish Music Club Group
Musicians from Tulla, Co. Claire Group
The Shannon Dunne Dancers Dance
Graham DeZarn Fiddle
Keith Carr Bouzouki
Haley Richardson Fiddle
Dylan Richardson Guitar
Billy McComiskey Accordion
Andy O'Brien Guitar
Ena O'Brien Accordion

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 License.

Programme: ComhaltasLive #408

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