ComhaltasLive #409 (Full Programme)

ComhaltasLive Programme #409.

Time Segment
00:00 All-Ireland Under-18 Duet Champions 2012, Jason McGuinness (on fiddle) and Máire Hanley (on pipes), both from Sligo, play the multi-part “Derry Hornpipe”.
04:34 A fiddle solo - “The College Grove Reel” - played by London fiddler Matthew Tighe. Recorded in the Hershell Arms in Slough on 16th of November 2012.
06:25 A mixed half-set danced by the Sandypit CCÉ Dancers, Co. Louth at an informal dancing session outside the Crystal Hotel, Cavan during Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2012.
08:05 Two reels, commencing with “Paddy Fahy’s”, played by fiddlers Nicholas Long and Matthew Tighe, both from London. Recorded in the Hershell Arms on 15th of December 2012.
10:54 Recorded on the 20th of October 2012 in the Comhaltas headquarters, Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin in Derry, a fiddle solo by Aoibhinn Loughlin from Derry. She plays two reels - “Jackson’s” and “The Lads of Laois”. Thousands of musicians, singers, dancers and lovers of our culture from all over Ireland and overseas are eagerly looking forward to visiting the magnificent city of Derry in August got its first ever hosting of Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann.
13:35 The hornpipe “The Lass on the Strand” played by Michael Curran from Co. Tyrone when he took third place in the Senior Button Accordion Competition at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2012 in Cavan.
16:39 Two jigs - “The Black Rogue” and “The Smiling Bride” (by Charlie Lennon) played by London-based musicians Matthew Tighe (fiddle) and Luke Daniel (guitar) together with Colm McGonigle (concertina) originally from Belfast and now living in Cambridge, England. Recorded in the Hershell Arms, Slough on the 16th of November 2012.

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24 May 2013
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Jason McGuinness Fiddle
Máire Hanley Uilleann Pipes
Matthew Tighe Fiddle
The Sandypit CCÉ Dancers Group
Nicholas Long Fiddle
Aoibhinn Loughlin Fiddle
Michael Curran Button Accordion
Luke Daniels Guitar
Colm McGonigle Concertina

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #409

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