ComhaltasLive #543_4:Nenagh Castlefest 2018

One of the many visitors to Nenagh Castlefest 2018 gets maximum return and enjoyment from his walking stick as he joins a street session of musicians from Ireland, England and USA for a Reel - “The golden keyboard” (M. Mulhaire). They are Michael McCabe (Dublin) flute, Ian Pearson (England) fiddle, Paul Dixon (England) piano accordion, Eithne Ní Dhonaile (Clare) harp, John Weir (Clare) fiddle and Seán Earnest (USA) guitar.

The golden keyboard
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Comhaltas Live
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Michael McCabe flute
Ian Pearson fiddle
Paul Dixon piano accordion
Eithne Ní Dhonaile harp
John Weir fiddle
Seán Earnest guitar

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #543

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