ComhaltasLive #585_1:Brian Conway with 9 of his students

Well-known New York fiddle player Brian Conway with 9 of his students play a Reel - “Jenny’s welcome to Charlie”. Recorded at the Comhaltas North America Convention in Persippany, New Jersey, in June 2019. Musicians are L/R front, Cate Sandstrom, Brian Conway, Alice Bradley, Andrew Caden, Maddy Moss, Jessica Zito, Alaya Zsebenyi. Zoe Zsebenyi. At back, Arjun Ramachandran and Kira Noonan. These are some of Brian’s many students who take lessons from him via Skype or Facetime, as well as personal lessons. Listeners at the Session here include Bill McEvoy, one of the great Comhaltas leaders over the decades in America.

Jenny’s welcome to Charlie
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Comhaltas Live
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Cate Sandstrom
Brian Conway
Alice Bradley
Andrew Caden
Maddy Moss
Jessica Zito
Alaya Zsebenyi
Zoe Zsebenyi
Arjun Ramachandran
Kira Noonan

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #585

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