ComhaltasLive #634_14:A group of 10 musicians

A range of 6 different instruments in this group of 10 musicians (the majority of whom teach music in the area) in Paddy Killoran Comhaltas Branch in Ballymote, Sligo. Recorded on 9th October 2021 they play 2 Jigs - “Strike the gay Harp” and “Pay the Reckoning”. The musicians are L/R Tim Mulcahy, Stephen Nolan, Fiona Doherty, Deirdre Hurley, Tommy Finn, Fr James McDonagh, Mary Finn, Michael Hurley, Charles Dwyer and Charles O’ Connor. Thanks to Tim Mulcahy and Michael Hurley for all their help with the recording.

“Strike the gay Harp” and “Pay the Reckoning”
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Comhaltas Live
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Tim Mulcahy
Stephen Nolan
Fiona Doherty
Deirdre Hurley
Tommy Finn
Fr James McDonagh
Mary Finn
Michael Hurley
Charles Dwyer
Charles O’ Connor

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #634

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