New Mown Meadow/Bonnie Kate

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This track is from our 2006 CD, Concert Tour of North America 2006.

This first reel has long been a favourite of melodeon players,each of them finding it gave them the scope to explore the potential of their instrument.

The final reel of the album,‘Bonnie Kate’,recorded with Jenny’s Chickens by Coleman in 1934,is one of the all-time favourites in the traditional repertoire.Included in O’Neill’s 1001 (No. 545) in his earlier 1903 Collection 1850 the collector noted that he has obtained the tune through James O’Neill.

‘Bonnie Kate’ is Scottish in origin but like many Scottish tunes that became popular in Ireland but with the passage of time they have been phrased and interpreted by Irish traditional musicians in such a way that they fit in with the oldest Irish tunes. Any repertoire associated with a folk or traditional music will always be changing and constantly expanding according to the preferences and influences on the musicians playing the music at any given time and in the same way as the Irish traditional repertoire has benefited from other musical genres and repertoires in the past so also has our Irish Traditional Music has enhanced many other musical genres and repertoires the world over.

5 December 2006
New Mown Meadow/Bonnie Kate
Concert Tour of North America 2006
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Damien Mullane Melodeon

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