Rosewood / Tommy Maguire’s

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From the “Echoes of Erin 2008” Comhaltas Tour CD, the Comhaltas Tour Ensemble plays the jigs, “Rosewood” and “Tommy Maguire’s”.

This first jig is believed to be a composition of Scottish fiddler/composer James Scott Skinner (1843-1927). A prolific composer of over six hundred tunes Skinner’s first publsihed one of his compositions (The Highland Polka) of his compositions when only seventeen years of age. He became one of the most famous performers/composers of all time within the folk music genre and his compsoitions form an integral part of the Scottish fiddle repertoire. Rosewood was recorded in it’s opriginal key (A Major) by the legendary Seán Maguire(1927-2007) who was a great admirer of Skinners’ music and he recorded this jig. This tour group learnt this setting of the tune from Fermoy piper Jimmy Morrisson while completing the 2007 Macalla na hÉireann Irish Concert Tour.

The second jig is a composition of the now deceased Offaly accordion player Tommy Maguire who spent much of his life in Chicago. During his winning performance as All-Ireland Button Accordion Champion in 1964 Maguire played the now-well known jig which he composed. This jig featured on the the 1978 Shanchie album Kiss Me Kate by Liz Carroll, Tommy Maguire and Jerry Wallace on piano.

15 Oct, 2008
Rosewood/Tommy Maguire’s
Created By
Recorded by Peter Staunton
Echoes of Erin 2008
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Comhaltas Tour Ensemble

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