The New Road/Cathal McConnell’s

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This track is from our 2006 CD, Concert Tour of North America 2006.

The new road is a well known tune throughout Ireland. Published as a two-part reel in O’Neill’s Music of Ireland 1850 Melodies Collection, the third part that is now played is attributed to Paddy Fahey. The new road was also a great favourite of Ray Rolland,the accordion player from east Galway,who was one of the stalwarts of the London Irish Music scene from the late 1950s through to the 1970s.Whereas the tune is often heard with each part doubled,each part here is played only once,as Raymond Roland played and recorded it.

The second reel is a composition of the Fermanagh flute-player/singer and entertainer Cathal McConnell, one of the founding members of the one of the earliest groups to become internationally famous ‘The Boys of the Lough’.It was recorded by another internationally acclaimed group,Buttons and Bows,and thus continued to become one of the relatively new compositions which became absorbed into the general repertoire.This tune has particularly fond memories for the American CCÉ Tour 2006 Group.While on tour in Ireland Pádraig McGovern played this tune as one of his solo reels. Pádraig’s interpretation of the tune – including his intricate use of regulators- became a favourite with the entire group, musicians,singers and dancers alike,but no-one was more enthusiastic than Nora Butler who was constantly to be heard humming the tune,and invariably after a time the reel became known as ‘Nora’s Tune’to the group.

5 December 2006
The New Road/Cathal McConnell’s
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Trad./Cathal mcConnell
Concert Tour of North America 2006
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