Spring 2003


The native culture of Ireland has experienced many challenges over the centuries - oppression, misrepresentation and apathy. These challenges to our national identity produced many heroic figures - men and women of vision who gave effective and dedicated service to the cultural movement.

It is an acknowledged fact that in a pseudo-progressive and very often superficial world challenges to indigenous culture do not disappear, they merely change character but are nonetheless corrosive.

Among the new challenges facing the distinctive Irish cultural heritage passed down to us from generation to generation is an agenda to cut off our traditions from the very community roots which spawned and sustained native genius. Concepts like ‘community’, ‘tradition’, ‘heritage’, ‘cultural identity’ and other distinctive characteristics are to be subsumed into an all-embracing ‘contemporary’ ethos. Why? Is it to confuse? Is it shame? Is it a false notion of rising above one’s station in life? Only time will tell!