Summer 2000


For the last 30 years in the United States and Canada Comhaltas has provided a focus and a network for all those interested in Irish traditional arts. The movement has been an important link between this great continent and Ireland. During this period there have been many notable achievements and many new friendships forged and enhanced.

As we enter into a new millennium, we can do so with confidence and, indeed, justified pride. Ireland recovered from an economic depression to become an acknowledged buoyant commercial force internationally; there is increased optimism for a lasting and just solution to our historical problems; and there is a renewed awareness of and appreciation for our cultural heritage.

The Washington North American Comhaltas Convention echoed to the sweet sound of ancient musical instruments; the exuberant tapping of dancing feet; the magic of story and song; the animated conversations among friends old and new - all against the background of sincere and concerned deliberations on the cultural work of Comhaltas.

We salute the officers and committee of Convention 2000; the officers and members of the Provincial Council, Regional Boards and Branches; the performers, teachers and supporters and all who cherish and sustain the native culture of Ireland. You have been an inspiration and encouragement to us, something which is very much appreciated.

Big ag déanamh ceoil agus go raibh Rath Dé ar bhur saothar.