Winter 2003


Clonmel will host Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2004, making it two in a row and five in all for the ‘Meadow of the Honey’. The unanimous verdict in awarding this premier cultural festival to the Tipperary capital again is a well-deserved vote of confidence following on an outstanding 2003 Fleadh. Here is how the local ‘Nationalist’ newspaper described it -

What a weekend! All the superlatives in the book have been used to describe the success of Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2003. From mighty to unforgettable. Fabulous to brilliant, mesmerising to spectacular.

In a week which saw images of horrendous bomb explosions, killings and maiming flashed across our television screens from several parts of the world, it was a pleasure to see so many people, of all creeds, races and ages, enjoying a peaceful weekend of music and sociability. A world in harmony with itself.

The peace and spirituality, humanity and friendship represented at some of the Fleadh concerts stood in stark contrast to the sadness and tragedy and man’s inhumanity to man we saw on those television reports. That was how one Fleadh speaker put it.

That is what the Fleadh is all about. That is what Irish traditional music, song and dance is all about. Corssing geographic, social, racial and religous barriers and enjoying the company of others. Sharing in a musical heritage that is centuries old and has lovingly been preserved and performed and cherished and handed down from one generation to another to share and enjoy.