Focal ar Fhocal - Aonad 2

4 December 2006

Focal ar Fhocal - Aonad 2

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Download the second in the “Focal ar Fhocal” Irish language series from the Comhaltas branch, Craobh Chualann. This innovative programme encourages the learning or “refreshing” of Irish, showing that it’s actually quite easy to use basic Irish in daily life. Give it a try!

From the branch website:

Craobh Chualann actively supports the use of Irish in all our branch activities. As a practical and active measure in this regard we are pleased to make available a useful program of conversational building blocks - known as “Focal ar Fhocal” - to encourage the use and understanding of Irish.

This comprises a series of proven and well-researched idioms and popular phrase patterns used in everyday conversation. “Focal ar Fhocal” will help to strengthen your usage and understanding of Irish in a very natural and effortless manner. The program has been developed and made available by our widely known and respected branch Treorai na Gaeilge, Pádraig O Maoilchiaráin who holds extensive and in-depth experience of teaching his native Irish language to upwards of 20,000 students during his career in the educational and public-service sectors.

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