2013 Bliain na Cruinne an Chomhaltais

15 January 2013, 7:01 PM GMT

2013 Bliain na Cruinne an Chomhaltais


Comhaltas has designated 2013 as BLIAIN NA CRUINNE to celebrate those who having left the shores of Ireland kept our Irish cultural traditions alive in the countries of their adoption. Their talents and service will be acknowledged at Fleadhanna, Seisiún, concert tours, cultural events, overseas conventions etc.

A special medallion has been struck to mark Bliain na Cruinne.

Irish traditional music has over the years enjoyed a very special place among the Irish community abroad. In fact, in many ways the emigrant exponents of Ireland’s native abroad had a strong and abiding influence on the fortunes of music making at home. This has continued to the present day. Against this background Bliain na Cruinne will have a special significance for all those who revere the cultural traditions of the Irish nation.

Ireland owes a debt of gratitude to all those who having emigrated from her shores never forgot their roots. They continued to serve their homeland in exile. They preserved and cultivated their distinctive national identity. In many ways they had a deeper understanding and appreciation of this identity than those who remained at home. Through their dedication, our emigrants transmitted their enhanced awareness of the Irish ethos to their people at home. In the process our culture has been enriched and revitalised.

The contribution made by the Irish nation in exile to the welfare of Ireland is immense. This is manifested in the international standing of Ireland. Our economy through investment, tourism and expertise, regularly benefits from the €40 million people of Irish extraction in North America. We also salute those non-Irish who generously embrace and celebrate with us our rich cultural heritage.

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