Photographic Model Release

21 June 2007

Photographic Model Release

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Images speak loudly to our membership and public

The pictures that we use powerfully reflect a vibrant image of
Comhaltas to our public. We need to capture the great moments at our Fleadhanna, Summer Schools,
Classes, Festivals and Concerts.

These days, there are new legal concerns around the use of
photography, especially of minors. It is important that when
collecting photographs you use the official Comhaltas Model Release
forms to obtain the signature of each portrait subject (or parent)
that you wish to use. The process is as follows:

1) Identify yourself as someone taking an official picture for
Comhaltas, and ask permission to take a photo.

2) Take a picture of your subject.

3) Ask the subject (or their parent) to sign a Model Release form.

4) Thank your subject!

5) If you think your picture could be used for one of the many
Comhaltas publications, send a copy of the picture and also the
signed Model Release Form to Comhaltas Head Office, via post or email.

Further copies of the Model Release form are available on request
from Head Office.

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