Some Tunes From Foinn Seisiún Book 3

21 January 2008, 1:01 PM GMT

Some Tunes From Foinn Seisiún Book 3

– We’ve now completed a CD for our newest tunebook, volume 3 in the “Foinn Seisiún” series of session sets (available to buy online). Theses are some of the working tracks recorded as the project moved along, just in case the Irish Music community out there is interested in taking a listen!

Some musicians came together here at the Cultúrlann na hÉireann in Monkstown, Dublin to do some of the recording. The musicians were fantastic - talented young players from Ennis, Co. Clare, rounded out with some of our fellow Dubs, all folks drawn from our regular music sessions. The completed recording (another double-CD set) was released at Fleadh Nua in Ennis in May 2008.

These tracks are in their original raw format so if you want to hear the finalised mixed version, make sure you get your hands on a copy of the CD!

Let us know if you have any comments!

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