ComhaltasLive #316-6: Monsignor Charlie Coen

Monsignor Charlie Coen from New York (on concertina) tells us about the gander who waddled from Woodford to New York to Inisfree. “The Waddling Gander” is a very old three-part jig, which Charlie learned from his father (also a concertina player) long before he left his native Woodford, Co. Galway in 1955 for New York. Charlie included the tune in a recording which he made. He never heard anyone else play the tune until he heard the Inisfree Céilí Band winning the All-Ireland in 2008 with the very same setting of the tune. Full credit to Charlie for keeping that particular gander alive!

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4 May 2010
The Waddling Gander
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Willie Fogarty
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Monsignor Charlie Coen Concertina

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #316

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