ComhaltasLive #372-7: Matthew Dean

Concert flute player Matthew Dean from Newcastle upon Tyne plays a selection of reels - “Phyllis’ Birthday” (by Josephine Marsh) and “Ormond Sound” (by Paddy O’Brien) - on the Comhaltas Concert Tour of Britain - 25th of February to 3rd of March 2012. Bodhrán accompaniment is by Kieran Leonard from Co. Fermanagh. They are joined in the second reel by banjo player Jamie McKeogh from Co. Offaly and by Sligo fiddle player Caoimhe Kearns.

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4 March 2012
“Phyllis’ Birthday”, “Ormond Sound”
Created By
Willie Fogarty
Performers/Subjects Instruments
Matthew Dean Flute
Kieran Leonard Bodhrán
Jamie McKeogh Banjo
Caoimhe Kearns Fiddle

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Programme: ComhaltasLive #372

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