ComhaltasLive #566_3:A session at the Comhaltas North American Convention

Approximately a dozen musicians from many parts of the world in a session at the Comhaltas North American Convention in the Hilton Hotel in Parsippany, New Jersey in June 2019. Don’t miss Katie Grennan’s gracious assessment of her colleague’s gesture during this selection of Reels ! (commencing with “The Killavil reel”). The musicians include George Keith (Boston), Dan Foster (York, UK), Marty Frye (Washington DC), Katie Grennan (Chicago), David Mc Kindley-Ward (Maryland), Grace Schell (New York), P. Weir (Edinburgh), Mary Grace O’ Neill (Marlborough), Colin Farrell (Manchester), Johnny Hewerdine (Ontario, Canada) and Ursula Garry (Brooklyn, New York).

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